Introduction to Western Literature and Arts

1st Semester, 2005

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Required Textbook:
Cunningham, Lawrence & John Rich, Culture and Values: A Survey of the Western Humanities. Alternative Volume. Fifth Edition. NY: Harcourt Brace College P, 2002.

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Required Readings 

Website Resources & References


Initiation: course description, group/personal report



Lecture Text (pdf file):

Heritage of Goddess I,

Heritage of Goddess II
Film: The Presence of the Goddess

Myths of the Olympian Divinities: The Female Divinities

9/28 Note-1

Lecture Text (pdf file):

The Epic of Gilgamesh



Website of the textbook: Culture and Values
Student Book Companion Sites

Mesopotamia from the British Museum (geography, mythology, writing)


Quiz 1




  • C&V,  Ch-1: The Beginnings of Civilization (Ancient Greek Culture)

Myths of the Olympian Gods

Important information about Greek Mythology

--The Family Tree of Greek Divinities
--Table of the Olympian Divinities
--Attributes in Iconography
--Tables of Genealogies
--Myth of Creation-Table
--Hesiod's Theogony-Table
--Timeline of Greek History and Literature
--Summary of Apollodorus's Library

  • Mythology Websites : (images)

Bulfinch's Mythology

Carlos Parada: Greek Mythology Link

Princeton Mythology Project  

The Perseus Project

The Ovid Project

Encyclopedia Mythica: an encyclopedia of mythology and folklore

Classical Myth: the Ancient Sources:  images and texts about Greek and Roman deities, attributes in Iconography of classical myth

Note-3 (Ovid,B1)


Lecture Text (pdf file):

Introduction to Greek Mythology & Reading Ovid's Metamorphoses, Book One

Myths of Creation 

Mythology & Related Courses

Visit Carlos Prada's  Greek Mythology Link  and search for "metamorphoses"--a comprehensive table of transformation

Visit "Ancient Greek and Roman Myths Index" in Olga's Gallery (oil painting)

Browse paintings showing characters from Greek and Roman mythology at ArtMagick

Hesiod's Theogony (Berkerly Digital Library online text)
Hesiod's Works and Days (Berkerly Digital Library online text)
Ovid's Metamorphoses (A complete English translation and Mythological index)





 (Vision & Transformation)


Lecture Text (pdf file):

Ovid's Metamorphoses, Book 3

  • Read C&V, Ch 2: Early Greece (II): Lyric, Philosophy

Vision and Metamorphoses 

  • Read Ovid's  Metamorphoses, B3 (stories of transformation about the House of Cadmus)
  • Read Sappho's lyric


Mythology Links:
The Stele (Home Page of The Omphalos)

The Encyclopedia Mythica

Folklore, myths, mythology & fairytales domain

Myths and Legends


Quiz 2



(Hero & Monster)


Lecture Text (pdf file):

Introduction to Early Greek Arts & Sappho's lyric

  • C&V,  Ch 2: Early Greece (III): Epic

Greek Epic

The great quest and the heroic cycle


Monsters vs Heroes in Mythology
--The Bestiary

Mythical Creatures

Monsters (monsters in movies, mythology

Visit Encyclopedia Mythica , and look for related pages on "Bestiary," "Monsters," and "Heroes"



Lecture Text (pdf file):

Introduction to
Homer's Odyssey

Maps about the Trojan War:

*The Returns of the ACHAEAN LEADERS (Map & Text).
--A map of The Iliad

Images of the Trojan War Myth


Quiz 3
G7 The great quest and the heroic cycle
  • Read Homer's The Odyssey Books XI, XII,
Map of the Underworld (showing the visits of Odysseus and Aeneas)

Mid-term Exam

11/23 ¡@ Film: Andrei Konchalovsky¡¦s The Odyssey ¡@
11/30 ¡@
  • Read C&V, Ch 3: Classical Greece and the Hellenistic Period (I): architecture, sculpture,  
12/07 ¡@ ppt:

1. Historical background

2. Greek Tragedy

3. Classical and Hellenistic Sculpture

4. Classical and Hellenistic architecture

12/14 G8 Read Sophocles' Oedipus the King


Read Sophocles' Oedipus the King



Quiz 4





Final Exam  

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