A Table of Homer's The Odyssey 
(by Chen Chi-szu)

Order Standard Term Book Content Space/Time and Duration External Temptation Internal Weakness Helpers or Resources
1 The



(Book 9~12) told by Odysseus

IX.39-61 Attacking the Kikonian Ismaros arete: economical    
2 IX.82-104 The Lotus-Eater (coast of Lidya, Africa) easy life forgetfulness determination
3 I.69, II.19


Polyphemos, the Cyclop (southern Sicily)   pride (arete) nobody
4 X.1 Aiolos, the floating island and the wind-bag Aiolia (between Ionian Sea and Sicilian Sea)   Odysseus: sloth

Companions: greed

5 X. 80-182 Laistrygones, the cannibal people Lamos, Telepylos

(between Corsica and Sardinia)

6 X, VIII.448


Circe Aeaea (east coast of Italy)--1 year Magic, easy life   Hermes
7 XI The Land of the Death

Deep Sea Journey

Circe, Teirecias: reflection of the past
8 XII The Siren (east coast of Italy) zest for total knowledge of the world   Circe, prudence, acceptacnce of human limitation
9 XII Scylla and Charybdis (The strait of Messina, between Southern Italy and Sicily)      
10 XII, 260-446 Cattle of the Sun the island Thrinakia   lack of respect to god (Helio); gluttony  
11 Nostoi
(The Homecoming of Odysseus)
Book 5~87, B13 ll1-187, told by the narrator
I.14, 52

V. 14-268

Kalypso Ogyaia (believed to at Gozo, northern coast of Malta)--7 years Magic, easy life and logevity   Hermes
12 VI., VII, VIII Naucikas and the Phaikians Scheria (Korkyra, to the north of Ithaca)      
13 The Telemachy
Book 1~4, told by the narrator
I-IV The Telemachy Ithaka-->Pylos-->Sparta     Athene
14 Odysseus at Ithaca
Book 13 l187~ Book24,
told by the narrator
XIII--XXIII Revenge Ithaka (sea shore) -- Eumaioss home --Odysseuss own house --

Laertess farm

15 XXIV Reconciliation Hell