Homeric Values




Oikos (noble household)

Philos (the world)

Agathos (successful wariar) n.

Xenia (guest)

Xeinos (host, guest-friend)

Xeineia (guest-gift, hospitality)

Keleos (glory) n.

Eleos (compassion)

Arete (goodness) n.


Esthlos(strength of valor, nobleness) n.


Time (honor, compensation, penalty) n.

Tinein (to honor) v.

Apotinein (to pay a price) v.

Apotinesthai (to punish, to take back the time) v.

Achilles's wrath

Odysseus's vengeance

Achilles made peace with Priam
Odysseus's homecoming Odysseus's wandering