Apollo vs. Hermes

@ Apollo Hermes
  1. sun god
  2. god of plague &medicine
  3. god of prophecy
  1. trickster
  2. protector of travellers, thieves, merchants
  3. messenger of gods and goddesses
  4. psychopompos (soul guide to the underworld)
attributes archer, bow, lyre, tripod
  1. winged cap (petasus)
  2. winged staff (cadusus)
  3. winged sandals (talaria)
invention @ lyre, pan-pipe
cities of cult Delos, Delphi, Didyma None
social status aristoi (good guy)
Apollo is welcomed by aristocracy and represent the aristocratic culture.
kakoi (bad guy)
Hermes is welcomed by those who actually do things, (the oral poet, merchants, and working class).